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Agarose Tablets

Convenient routine nucleic acid analysis by electrophoresis
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  • Ultimate convenience by eliminating the need to weigh out loose agarose powder
  • Separation of a wide range of DNA/RNA sizes by gel electrophoresis
  • Sharp NA bands with low background
  • Greater gel-to-gel consistency
  • High gel strength for easy handling at low concentrations
  • DNase/RNase free


Celtic agarose tablets are a high-quality molecular biology grade agarose in a convenient tablet format, ideal for routine electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids.  Each tablet consists of 0.5g agarose – simply add the desired quantity of tablets to the buffer for the chosen gel concentration, without the need to weigh out agarose powder.

Agarose tablets offer consistent resolution between lots and is free of detectable DNase/RNase activities.  High gel strength facilitates easy handling of gel concentrations as low as 0.5%, while low EEO (electroendosmosis) and sulfate content permits high nucleic acid mobility.


Use restrictions

For research use only.


  • Routine analysis of DNA/RNA by gel electrophoresis and blotting


Gelling Temperature:         36.8°C
Melting Temperature:        87.9°C
Gel Strength (1% Gel):        1,365 g/cm2
Sulfate Content:                   <0.1%
RNase / DNase:                    non-detectable

Ordering Info

Cat no. CM1220-00110
Pack size 110 tablets
Agarose 110 x 0.5g tablets


Agarose Tablets Product Manual

Agarose Tablets Product Manual – mobile



Store at 15 – 30°C upon arrival.  This product is shipped at room temperature.

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