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For routine nucleic acid analysis by electrophoresis
Cat no. CM1210-0500 Category Features ,


  • Separation of a wide range of NA sizes by gel electrophoresis
  • Clear NA bands with low background
  • Low EEO facilitates high nucleic acid mobility
  • High gel strength for easy handling at low concentrations
  • Consistent resolution from lot to lot
  • DNase/RNase free


Celtic agarose is a high-quality molecular biology grade agarose powder ideal for routine electrophoretic separation and recovery of DNA/RNA fragments of various sizes.  It provides consistent resolution between lots and is free of detectable DNase/RNase activities.  High gel strength facilitates easy handling, while low EEO (electroendosmosis) and sulfate content permits high nucleic acid mobility.


Use restrictions

For research use only.


  • Routine analysis of DNA/RNA by gel electrophoresis and blotting


Gelling Temperature: 36.8°C
Melting Temperature: 87.9°C
Gel Strength (1% Gel): 1,365 g/cm2
Moisture Content: 5.07%
Sulfate Content: 0.097%
EEO: 0.12
RNase / DNase: non-detectable

Ordering Info

Cat no. CM1210-0500
Pack size 500g
Agarose powder 1 x 500g


Agarose, 500g Product Manual

Agarose, 500g Product Manual – mobile

Agarose, 500g MSDS



Store at 15 – 30°C upon arrival.  This product is shipped at room temperature.

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